Crop Pests, Control Measures and Potential Impacts in Kihansi Catchment Area

Beatrice Pallangyo, K. Mdily, C. Mkondo, A. Kibola


A baseline survey which covered 349 households in Bomang’ombe and Masisiwe (Kilolo district), Kibengu and Mapanda (Mufindi district) and Chita and Chisano (Kilombero district) was conducted to identify major pests, control measures and potential impacts in Kihansi catchment area. Maize was the most predominant crop being cultivated by 55% of the total respondents in all the study districts. Pests and diseases were the major constraints to crop production, whereby cereal stem borers were the most serious pests being reported by 88.2% of respondents. Application of synthetic pesticides was the major pest control measure, being applied by 66% of the respondents.  Increase in pest populations, decline of biodiversity and human health effects were reported by 85%, 61% and 38% of the respondents, respectively, as negative impacts associated with pesticides use. Dissemination of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) packages targeting the key crops and public awareness on good agricultural practices is recommended to sustainably manage the pests and enhance crop production, human health and biodiversity in the catchment.
Keywords: Pests, Pesticides, Good Agricultural Practices, Integrated Pest Management, Kihansi.

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