Comparison of Chemical Nano Structure, Rheological and Mechanical Properties of Long Oil Alkyd Resin Synthesized using Polybasic acids Catalyst

A. R. Ilkhani


In this research, chemical nano structures, rheological and mechanical properties of long oil alkyd resin which was synthesized using different polybasic acid catalysts have been studied. These catalyst were phosphoric acid, 1,2,4-benzene tricarboxylic acid and succinic acid. The new compounds were compared with reference formula of long oil alkyd resin. For this idea, same formula of clear air drying varnishes were prepared based on different long oil resins which have been synthesized using different catalysts and reference long oil alkyd resin. FTIR spectroscopy was employed to investigate the nano chemical structures of the resins and varnishes. The rheological properties of varnishes, i.e., viscosity, drying time, glossary and film thickness and the mechanical properties, i.e., hardness, adhesives test, bending test and impact tests of films have been investigated. The results revealed that nano chemical structure of alkyd resins and theirs varnishes is totally the same. Also the rheological and mechanical properties of varnish which was prepared with succinic acid catalyst was better than that which was prepared with 1,2,4-benzene tricarboxylic acid. Moreover, the prepared vanishes were better than accustomed varnishes.

Keywords: long oil alkyd resin; polybasic acid catalyst; unsaturated modified polyester; 1,2,4-benzene tricarboxylic acid; characterization of alkyd resin properties

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