Verification of Depth Dose Curves Derived on Beeswax, Paraffin and Water Phantoms Using FLUKA Monte Carlo Code

Khamis Amour, Peane Maleka, Khamza Maunda, Mohammed Mazunga, Peter Msaki


This study aimed on the investigation of depth dose curves from beeswax, water and paraffin phantoms using FLUKA Monte Carlo code. In order to test the validity of FLUKA code, computational values of depth doses in water, beeswax and paraffin have been obtained using this code. The relative average coefficient of variation of percentage depth dose was observed to be less than 0.38% between beeswax and water, below 0.2% between water and paraffin and 0.98% between beeswax and British Journal of Radiology supplement 25 data. The deviations of percentage depth doses within the beeswax phantom material were also calculated and it was concluded that, among the treatment fields, the average coefficient of variation was about 0.74% for 7 × 7 cm2 and 1.23% for 20 × 20 cm2. The minor deviation in percentage depth dose obtained in this work demonstrates that beeswax phantom has a potential to provide a better alternative material for dose calculations, and hence can be used as substitute material for in-vivo dosimetry in external beam radiation therapy using Theratron Equinox 80 Cobalt-60 unit.
Keywords: FLUKA; Monte Carlo code; beeswax; percentage depth dose; phantom;

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