Mobile Pedestrian Navigation Framework for Multi-factors Resources Allocation

Joseph Mushi, Baraka Jungwa


walk to unfamiliar places, familiarizing and finding a way out of new environments is quite challenging unless a pedestrian navigation system (PNS) is used. Most existing PNS solutions are employing vehicle navigation framework, however, such systems are designed to work efficiently for vehicular systems and not suitable for finding shortest path in environment with poor geospatial mapping. This study designed pedestrian navigation framework for PNS that supports resource allocations in environment with poor geospatial mapping. Mixtures of qualitative and quantitative methods have been used to interview prospective users for requirement specifications and experimental research for designing the framework, respectively. Prototyped route network framework with routing data were implemented using Open source QGIS software, and a route analysis achieved using QGIS shortest path network analysis. The resulted framework shows more than 3.5% improvement between optimal routes established by PNS on proposed framework as compared to optimal route established by existing systems.

Keywords: Mobile; Pedestrian; Navigation; System; Framework.

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