Transforming the Tanzania Charcoal Sector Project and Sustainability of Community Based Forest Management in Kilosa District, Tanzania

Jackson Raymond Sawe


This paper explored the impact of the Transforming Tanzania Charcoal Sector Project (TTCSP), on the sustainability of Community Based Forest Management (CBFM) in Kilosa District, using the Ihombwe CBFM as a case study. The study used a qualitative research design. A sample of 47 participants was used to collect data. Purposive and convenience sampling techniques were used to select participants. Data were collected through document reviews, in-depth interviews, focused group discussions and observation. Thematic analysis was used in data analysis. The findings showed that the project has implemented several activities such as capacity building to village institutions, supporting the village land use plan, village resources assessment, and forest harvest plans, training charcoal producers and timber processing groups on modern techniques. Moreover, the Project supported the construction and furnishing of the village office and the development of village by-laws. Furthermore, the Project has strengthened the operationalization CBFM as well as the introduction of a sustainable forest harvest management model. The Ihombwe CBFM has been formalized and made able to generate significant income from forest products such as charcoal and timber. After all these initiatives, deforestation was perceived to decrease thus, ensuring the sustainability of the community forest.

Key terms: Kilosa District, charcoal sector, sustainability, communitybased forest management

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