The Use of ATMs In Improving Performance In Commercial Banks

Sumaya M Kagoya, Jani Dev


Much as the ATMs are the machines currently making any bank client happy, centenary still has a few ATM access points across the country. This study therefore seeks to determine the impact of ATMs on the performance of Centenary Bank. Using a cross-sectional strategy, the relationship between ATM Technology and service delivery (customer care), and banks’ performance was studied. The findings show that customers were dissatisfied with the long queues, frequent ATMs failure, and poor connectivity of the Internet leading to poor service delivery and poor bank performance thus low profitability. Conclusively, if Centenary bank is to survive the taste of time in this ICT era and achieve a competitive advantage over its competitors, it should improve its performance through adopting/ embracing fully to the use of new ICTs/ATMs, improve service delivery, just in time while ensuring customer care hence profitability and sustainable growth. This study helps the commercial banks to improve on the level of online banking services in Uganda and what the potential issues or services are, which the bank should introduce to the customers to facilitate the customer in a better way and to compete with their rivals in banking industry as a whole.


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