Factors for a Comprehensive Performance Evaluation Framework for Agricultural Co-operative Societies in Tanzania

Victor Shirima, Henry Chalu, Benson Ndiege


Although the existing literatures on performance advocate that Performance Management (PM) positively affect organizational performance, there is evidence that co-operatives in Tanzania are performing poorly. However, there is anecdotal evidence on factors to be included in performance measurement systems of co-operatives. The aim of the study was to establish the key performance factors which could be used in the co-operative performance system. In addition, the study assesses specifically the current performance system, identifies the critical performance aspects, and to establish the factors suitable for the comprehensive performance evaluation for Agricultural Marketing Co-operative Societies. The methodology for this study involved a documentary review, interview, and focus group discussion composed of 15 key informants. Data were analyzed by using content analysis. The study found five aspects to be of fundamental in the performance evaluation framework. The performance aspects are financial, members, learning and growth, internal business process and social. The study provides factors suitable for a comprehensive performance evaluation framework for co-operatives in Tanzania. The factors identified are very important to be included in establishing a comprehensive framework for evaluating co-operative performance.


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