Collaborative Practices as a Teacher Professional Development Pathway: A Study of Selected Secondary Schools in Tanzania

Georgina G. Mugisha, Aneth A Komba, Harun J Magosho


This qualitative case study investigated collaborative practices (CPs) among secondary school teachers, focusing on their role in enhancing teachers’ professional development (PD). The research employed interviews and focus group discussions, along with thematic analysis, to gather and analyse data from thirty purposively selected participants, including heads of departments (HoDs) and heads of secondary schools (HoSSs) across three sampled secondary schools in Ilala Municipality. The results revealed three prevalent CPs among secondary school teachers: coaching, teaming, and mentoring. Teachers embraced these practices to address educational challenges and enhance their teaching knowledge and skills. The study advocates for broader integration of CPs as a professional development strategy with the potential to enhance instructional efficacy among secondary school teachers in Tanzania.


Keywords:          teacher interactions, teacher learning, instructional development, professional growth

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