Student Teachers’ Experiences of Mentorship during Teaching Practice in Tanzania

Budeba Petro Mlyakado, Ikupa Moses Mwandambo


This study explores student teachers’ mentorship experiences during teaching practice in Tanzania. The study employed a case study design and collected data from 22 student teachers using focus group discussions. Data are analysed thematically. Results indicate that all sampled student teachers were attached to teacher-mentors, and the majority received support and mentorship. The mentorship received improved student teachers’ tolerance, confidence, and flexibility in the actual teaching environment. Nevertheless, some student teachers received superficial or no mentorship because teacher-mentors were absent or uninterested in doing so. Few student teachers reported being overwhelmed by the teaching workload. These findings are discussed, and suggestions for improvement are offered.



Keywords:          Mentorship, student teachers, teacher-mentors, teaching practice, Tanzania

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