Assessment of Level of Digital Literacy among Science Teachers at the Junior Secondary Schools in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

Christianah Olajumoke SAM-KAYODE, Samuel Timileyin OJO, Rasheed Taiwo ALIYU


The study assessed the level of digital literacy among science teachers at the Junior Secondary School in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. The study employed a descriptive survey design with a structured questionnaire administered to 200 Basic Science and Mathematics teachers in Ibadan Metropolis. The result: 164 (82%) respondents had < 5 computers with digital tools, while 36 (18%) had > 5 computers with digital tools; science teachers possess basic digital literacy skills with the highest internet usage (=3.445 and SD = 0.573); and the lowest in basic repairs and maintenance of computers (= 1.375 and SD = 0.562). Total average in all items: = 2.961; and SD = 0.856. Science teachers’ utilisation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills was moderate (2.72); and the level of ICT competencies possessed by science teachers was high (= 3.137). These findings underscore the need for equitable distribution of ICT facilities, coupled with a call for continuous professional development programmes among science educators to ensure adept utilisation of these resources.


Keywords:           Assessment, science teacher, ICT, digital literacy, junior secondary school

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