Impact of Digital Content on Mathematics Teachers’ Pedagogical Change: Experiences from Retooling of Secondary School Mathematics Teachers in Tanzania

Francis William, Septimi Kitta


This study assessed the ability of retooling digital contents to assist Mathematics teachers to handle the contents which were difficult and examined whether teachers had improved their pedagogical content knowledge. The Kirkpatrick and Kirkpatrick (2009) evaluation model was used to determine the impact of the digitized contents on teachers. Students and teachers were approached for interviews, classroom observations, and focus group discussions. Data analysis revealed that the retooling of multimedia content had an impact on raising the interest and motivation to teachers’ teaching and students’ learning. The study concludes that retooling contents assisted teachers to acquire adequate pedagogical content knowledge of teaching difficult Mathematics contents. The study recommends that retooling training be extended to all Mathematics teachers in the country.
Keywords: courseware, monitoring and evaluation, multimedia, quality of teaching, short message services

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