Role-perception as a Factor for Parental Involvement in Primary School Children’s Schooling: Comparative Analysis from Moshi Municipality and Meatu District in Tanzania

Kondrada Haule


This study examined the extent to which parents are ready to take
responsibility in supporting their primary school children’s schooling.
The study also intended to find out whether there was any significant
difference in role-perception between parents in districts with contrasting
academic records in Tanzania. The findings indicated that parents in
Moshi municipality differed significantly from parents in Meatu district
with respect to role-perception beliefs (p < .05). For instance, parents
in Moshi municipality (M=2.96, SD=.204) as contrasted to parents in
Meatu district (M=2.47, SD=.804) showed stronger beliefs that it is
their responsibility to buy books for their children (p < .001). The study
recommends for intensive sensitization campaigns to enhance parents’
commitments in support of their children’s education.
Keywords: academic success, home supervision, motivational beliefs
parental roles,

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