Effectiveness of Teachers’ Motivational Strategies in Government Secondary Schools in Tanzania

Josta Lameck Nzilano, Lotina Mwambapa Mwambapa


This study assessed the effectiveness of teacher motivational approaches
in Government secondary schools in Tanzania. Six secondary schools
found in Kyela district were used as a case study. The sample of the
study includes a total of 194 respondents. Data collection methods used
include questionnaires, semi-structured interviews, focus group discussion
and direct field observations. The findings revealed a variety of teacher
retention and motivation approaches that include setting of considerable
teacher’s workload, school working conditions and distance from home to
school. Employer’s recognition, reasonable pay, and training of teachers
seemed to motivate them at work. The study recommends that schools and
Government authorities should ensure reasonable pay, improved teacher
training programmes and participation in decision-making.
Keywords: collaborative decision, instructional supervision, motivation
approaches, secondary schools, working conditions

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