Teaching Strategies Deployed by Teachers in Improving Academic Performance of Students with Visual Impairment in Inclusive Secondary Schools in Tanzania

Celestine D. G. Karuhawe, Mwajabu A. K. Possi


This paper focused on teaching and learning strategies deployed in
Tanzanian inclusive secondary schools to enable students with visual
impairment perform well during classroom sessions and examinations.
The study was conducted in four administrative regions of Dar es Salaam,
Dodoma, Mwanza, and Tabora and involved 24 participants. The study
findings revealed the following teaching and learning strategies adopted
to enable students acquire sufficient knowledge in subjects taught: placing
students in front of classrooms, teachers’ clear articulation of words
and sentences when teaching, proper lesson preparation, reading words
written on chalk boards, avoiding questions leading to choral responses
in teaching, and curriculum modification. The study recommends that
appropriate teaching and learning strategies should thus be designed
and applied in inclusive classrooms to facilitate lesson understanding and
better performance in their tests, assignments and examinations.
Keywords: inclusive classrooms, secondary schools, students with visual
impairment/ with VI. teaching/learning strategies

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