Primary School Pupils’ Acquisition of Environmental Education in Moshi Rural District in Tanzania

Thaudensia Ndeskoi Ndeskoi Ndeskoi


The main focus of this study was to assess the acquisition of environmental
education among primary school pupils in Moshi Rural district in Tanzania.
The study employed a mixed methods research approach with a sample
size of randomly selected 235 pupils. Data were collected through
questionnaires, focus group discussions, documentary review and nonparticipant
observation. Results show that majority of pupils had average
knowledge and awareness of environmental issues. Also, environmental
education offered in schools was considered important. Various sources of
environmental education were used to obtain environmental information
among the pupils. Moreover, there was considerable evidence of several
environmental accomplishments demonstrated at schools and homes.
The study concludes that envionmental education acquired in schools is
indispensable for creating environment-related knowledge in life.
Keywords: environmental behaviour, environmental knowledge,
environmental literacy

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