Perceived Effects of Quality of Pre-Primary Education Services on Parents’ Satisfaction in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Daphina Libent Mabagala


This study investigated the effects of perceived quality of service dimensions
on parents’ satisfaction with pre-primary education in Dar es Salaam
region. A descriptive survey research design guided the study and selfadministered
questionnaire was used to collect data from a sample of
772 parents with children in pre-primary classrooms. Descriptive and
inferential statistics were employed to analyse data. Results revealed that
four dimensions in perception of quality, namely classroom characteristics,
teacher behaviour, parents’ involvement and physical environment had
a significant and positive effect on overall parents’ satisfaction. These
results indicate that quality of pre-primary education service is indeed
a significant predictor of parents’ satisfaction. Thus, improving quality
of pre – primary education service results in higher satisfaction levels of
Keywords: parents’ perception, parents’ satisfaction, quality of pre-primary

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