Reflecting on Pre-service Teachers’ Practicum in Tanzania: Avenue for Professional Inquiry, Discovery and Growth

William Pastory Majani


This paper is framed within Relational Cultural Theory (RCT) and
Reflective in Practice Theory (RPT) lenses to explore the role of
experiential learning in fostering professional inquiry growth, and
relational building for six Canadian pre-service teachers posted
to conduct practicum in Tanzania. This study uses field notes and
reflective journal as main sources of data. The findings of this study
indicated that practicum is an avenue to learn, unlearn and relearn
about teaching. It is also a moment for novice teachers to connect
and network with education stakeholders in other places or countries.
Doing practicum in other cultures may stimulate collaborations such
as global North and global South collaboration for a practicum
done outside the country. However, acknowledging context as an
integral part of experiential learning must be emphasized. In this
case, interrogating assumptions and converging perspectives during
practicum in a foreign country is a precursor towards effective teaching.
Keywords: cross-culture, experiential learning, global north, global
south, Tanzania

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