Social Forces Impeding Development of Science and Technology in Tanzania: The Case of Secondary School Science Education

Armstrong C. Matogwa


This study examines the relationship between natural science knowledge
and development of science and technology in Tanzania. It is a response
to the puzzle that, why despite decades of dissemination of modern science
knowledge, Tanzania is still technologically behind? The study uses
qualitative methods of data generation and accumulation by disarticulation
conceptual framework to analyze and explain this puzzle. Findings suggest
that, imperialist forces in forms of colonialism, neocolonialism and
neoliberalism have sporadically weakened the development of science and
technology. In the neoliberal era, schools disseminate eurocentric, reified
and disarticulated science that limits students’ potentialities to invent and
innovate relevant and articulated technologies. The study recommends
on reconceptualization of natural science knowledge and dissemination
of an articulated version.
Keywords: articulated knowledge, disarticulation, eurocentrism,
natural science,

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