Influence of Social Environment on Facility Planning in Government Primary Schools: Experiences from Geita District in Tanzania

Hirst Herman Ndisa, George Leonard Kahangwa, Moshi Amsi Mislay


This paper examines the influence of the social environment on primary
School Facility Planning (SFP) in enhancing adequate and quality facilities
in schools. Under Social Constructionism perspective, Critical Discourse
Analysis (CDA) was used as a theoretical framework and data analysis
strategy. The study was qualitative coupled with multiple embedded case
study design. As is evident in this paper, the study uncovered that weak
social relations among social actors in schools constrained the mobilization
of resources to implement available facility plans. The author recommends
that for a successful mobilization of resources to enhance adequate and
quality facilities, meaningful interactions between social agents is of
crucial importance.
Keywords: implementation of facility plans, mobilization of resources,
social relation

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