Incubating Graduate Entrepreneurs in Kenya: Nested Case Studies of Kenyatta University Chandaria Business Innovation Incubation Centre

Jackline Nyerere, Godwin Opinde, Purity Muthoni, Wilson Mutuma


High unemployment rate in Kenya has contributed to policy focus
on entrepreneurship. In response, universities have incorporated
entrepreneurship in their curricula albeit, to a lesser extent, through
incubation of social entrepreneurs. The objective of this study was to
demonstrate how social entrepreneurship skills are nurtured through
incubation centers. A nested case study research approach was
used to select relevant social entrepreneurship projects incubated
at Kenyatta University’s Chandaria Business Innovation Incubation
Centre (KUCBIIC). The study involved literature review and in-depth
interviews with KUCBIIC staff, entrepreneurs, staff and clients of
selected incubation projects. Findings indicated that the incubation
hub has enabled development of ideas into unique products which
not only contribute towards employment but also provide solutions
to various societal challenges.
Keywords: entrepreneurship education, incubation, innovation

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