Students’ Views on Learning Environment for Undergraduate Mathematics in Selected Higher Learning Institutions in Tanzania

Morwo Likinjiye Likinjiye, Blackson Kanukisya Kanukisya, Joyce Ndabi Ndabi



The aim of this paper is to find out views of students on learning environment
for undergraduate mathematics in Tanzania. 303 male and 120 female
undergraduate students participated in the study. Data were collected
through questionnaire and interview methods. Students’ views were
positive on lecturers’ characteristics, academic relationships, as well
as gender sensitivity in the learning environment. However, the students
had a concern on the teaching methods for the subject, the nature of tests
during their coursework, as well as marking and grading styles. This paper
concludes that, among others, contrary to observations in non-mathematics
contexts, male and female students hold similar views on many aspects
of the learning environment for undergraduate mathematics. However,
these views depended on the mode of students’ participation in the subject.
Keywords gender, gender sensitivity, lecturers’ characteristics,
undergraduate, post-compulsory mathematics

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