The Relationship between Self-Esteem and Sexual Risk-Taking Behaviours among Adolescent Students in Tanzania

Daniel Fedrick Marandu, Chris Mungubariki Mauki


This paper quantitatively assessed the relationship between self-esteem and
sexual risk-taking behaviours among adolescents. The study employed a
correlation design, using a questionnaire for data collection. A total of 511
students participated in this study. The data was analysed using Pearson’s
Correlation Coefficient. Results showed no significant relationship between
self-esteem and sexual debut (r =.081, p > 0.05), self-esteem and safe sex
(r =.081, p > 0.05) and a weak positive relationship between self-esteem
and multiple partners (r =.033, p .470). This implies that self-esteem did
not influence sexual risk-taking behaviours. The study recommends for
a related study using a qualitative approach to explore the role of other
socio-cultural aspects that can influence adolescents to be involved in
sexual risk-taking behaviours.

Keywords: adolescents, multiple partners, safe sex, sex debut

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