Peer Review Process

Kioo cha Lugha is a blind peer-reviewed journal. Authors must avoid putting their personal identification in the paper so as to avoid reviewers’ bias. Manuscripts submitted for publication are blind reviewed by at least two peer reviewers who are competent and experts in the respective subject. On submission, a manuscript undergoes in-house review by the Chief Editor to ensure that it meets the requirements of the journal before it is sent to external reviewers. If the content of the manuscript fits within the scope and policies of the journal, the editor sends it out to two reviewers who are anonymous to the author to request their readiness to blind review the paper. Reviewers evaluate the manuscripts focusing on the quality of the manuscript in terms of its content, clarity of presentation, originality, contribution to the field and depth of research. The total time taken to complete all this depends on the availability of the reviewers. However, it usually takes four to eight weeks. Depending on the comments of the reviewers, the author may be required to undertake minor or major corrections. In case major corrections are suggested, the author is supposed to resubmit the revised work so that it is sent back to the reviewers for vetting. In some cases, the manuscript may be rejected outright. After the author effecting the corrections, the editors review the manuscripts again before they are approved for publication.

The authors whose paper will be accepted for publication will receive a free hardcopy of the journal.




ISSN 0856-552 X (print) & ISSN 2546-2210 (online)