Influence of Femininity and Masculinity Traits on Participation and Performance in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics of Undergraduate Students in Tanzania

Nyanjiga Rukondo, Mjege Kinyota


This study investigated whether women and men differed in terms of
their femininity, masculinity, gender negatives stereotypes, persistence,
self-efficacy and performance in Science, Technology, Engineering and
Mathematics (STEM), and established the relationship among these
variables. A sample of 721 undergraduate students majoring in STEM in
a teacher education program was used. The study was conducted in one
public university in Tanzania. The study reveals that there is a significant
difference in two aspects only. Specifically, male students held gender
negative stereotypes regarding females’ abilities in STEM. They were also
significantly self-officious as compared to female students. Surprisingly,
it was revealed that females outperformed males in several masculinity
traits. In addition, there was a significant correlation among variables,
with notable differences across gender.
Keywords: femininity, gender, masculinity, self-efficacy, STEM, Tanzania

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