Secondary School Teachers’ Attitudes towards Provision of Sexual and Reproductive Health Education to Learners with Deafness in Tanzania

Lwimiko Salum Sanga, Mwajabu K. Possi, Joyce Sifa Ndabi


This study explored the attitudes of secondary school teachers towards
provision of Sexual and Reproductive Health Education (SRHE) to
secondary school learners with deafness in Tanzania. A small-scale
survey design was used. Six regions and seven secondary schools
with learners with deafness were purposively sampled. Similarly,
30 Biology and Civics teachers were purposively recruited for the
study in which a questionnaire was used to gather data. The findings
indicated that teachers had a negative attitude towards the provision
of SRHE with the mean score of 37.83. Additionally, Kruskal–Wallis
Test showed no statistical difference on age (p = .252), sex (p = .778),
teaching experience (p = .67), levels of education (p = .185) and
religion (p = .884). The study concludes that the attitude of teachers
towards teaching SRHE to learners with deafness was negative due
to lack of training on deafness and SRHE. The study recommends to
the government and relevant institutions to provide both pre – and
in-service training on sexuality issues in secondary schools.
Keywords: attitude, deafness, education, reproductive health, sexuality

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