Reflecting on Six Decades of Graduate Educational Leaders’ Preparation in Tanzania: Examining Ideologies, Policies, and Practices for Future Educational Policy Direction

Aaron Mkanga Manaseh, Moshi Amsi Mislay, Simon Peter Ngalomba


This article examines ideologies, policies, and university practices of
educational leaders’ preparation in higher learning institutions in Tanzania
and proposes an alternative model for educational leaders’ preparation. It
takes stock of the trajectory of graduate educational leaders’ preparation
development in Tanzania by situating relevant initiatives in the educational
macro-policies and transformations spanning a period of about six decades
for possible future educational policy direction. The paper adopted
Narrative Literature Review (NLR) as its methodology. NLR method was
deemed relevant for generating new knowledge by synthesising present
knowledge on a particular topic in a specific setting. The paper proposes a
model for the robust preparation of educational leaders in higher learning
institutions. The model comprises the following variables: context, input,
process, and product/output, which are considered as critical for the
preparation of educational leaders.
Keywords: educational leaders’ preparation, higher learning
institutions, education policies

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