Contextual and Pedagogical Challenges Facing English Language Teachers in Using Communicative Language Teaching Approach in Tanzanian Primary Schools

Philpo John, Mwajuma Vuzo, Kitila Mkumbo


This paper presents contextual and pedagogical challenges facing implementation of the communicative language teaching (CLT) approach in Tanzanian primary schools. Qualitative research methods were employed and five public primary schools were involved. The study employed phenomenology design with a total of 25 participants. The study revealed that there were: lack of subject specialisation and mastery among teachers; inadequate time for CLT implementation; inadequate teaching and learning resources; lack of regular in-service training for English teachers; and the presence of crowded classes. The study concludes that, although CLT is theoretically apt, the plan for its adoption in Tanzanian primary schools did not consider the existing contextual and pedagogical constraints that inherently hinder the effective implementation of CLT.
Keywords: communicative approach, context, English Language teaching, in-service training (INSET)

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